Saturday, May 28, 2011

Here I am.

I'm here, too busy to write much, but here.

So much has gone on, I wouldn't even know where to begin, but here are the highlights.

Mr. Wonderful and I decided that if he was going to be moving in here, we needed to have a working bathroom. My master bathroom hasn't worked in two years. I got an estimate to fix it when it broke, but couldn't afford to on my single mom budget. He was set to move in at the end of July and wanted to take care of it before he settled in.

What started as fixing the bathroom plumbing quickly became a bathroom remodel. And then that turned out so gorgeous, we decided to convert the garage into a second living area/theater room so that he and I would have our own space to relax. And then that turned out so great, that we had the entire interior painted and re-textured. And then a brand new patio/outdoor living area. Whole new exterior. Guest bathroom remodel. All new hardwoods. All new landscaping.

Basically, there is a brand new and improved home that where my old 70's one stood.

This has been the perfect compromise for us. It is not easy for him to concieve of moving into the home where I raised my children with my ex, even if it was only a couple of years. But the kids love this home, all their friends and their schools are in this neighborhood, and it's truly a great house.

But now, it has plenty of living space for us all, the concepts all have his input. A fresh start with the convenience of not having to move or uproot the kids.

And, they LOVE having a theater in their own house :)

Everything is falling into place so well, that we have decided that Mr. Wonderful will go ahead and move in 2 months early, in just 2 weeks.

I'm so ready. But I'm a little nervous. We tend to go through rough spells when there is big change. I think we're both prepared this time and our communication skills have come leaps and bounds from a year ago.

As I write, I can see Mr. Wonderful out the window, in the 90 degree heat, digging a flower bed and making a walkway for us. I know that I shoudn't compare, but it is such a different life having a man around who takes pride in taking care of his house, his family, and his wife. As a single mom, I could get by, but I couldn't do it all. Now, I do feel like I have it all. So much happiness under one awesome roof, it just doesn't get any better.

The wedding is in about 3 months, and I feel nowhere near prepared. We've been so focused on getting the house in order and ready for his impending move that we haven't been thinking much about it. I dream about it almost nightly, usually panicked dreams of showing up in the wrong dress, or without makeup, or a minister, the wrong place, or even to the wrong groom. So I guess somewhere in my subconscious I'm worried about getting it all done, but my conscious mind doesn't even have time to entertain the thoughts :) We are taking a vacation in a couple of weeks as a family, and our house should be finished while we are gone, so after we return, we'll get serious about getting everything finished up.

Thanks for the emails and comments asking about me. Life has been crazy.