Thursday, January 1, 2009


  1. Love to listen to music, all sorts but especially cheesy pop
  2. I sing. Get a few drinks in me and I will tear up a karaoke stage. I was in choir in high school and was very serious about it. I miss it, a lot. This may shock people who actually know me (the karaoke part) because I can be pretty shy.
  3. Although I'm not great at it, I love to dance. When I was younger, I used to club 5 nights a week. Not for meeting guys or drinking, but because I LOVE to dance. The louder the music, the better.
  4. I love rollercoasters with all my heart. This is a bittersweet one because it's something my husband and I enjoyed together. Our goal in life was to ride every major roller coaster in the U.S. by the time we died. We did a major one together by riding the Cyclone together at Coney Island this summer, 2 weeks before we split.
  5. I grew up going to church and I feel so good when I'm there, but because I worked at one for years I can't make myself go on Sunday mornings.
  6. I have discovered that "revenge" is the motivation I needed to get myself in shape. I've lost a few pounds already and plan to get my hair and makeup made over very soon. About 6 weeks after I found out the truth about my marriage, I went from blonde to brunette. My husband has always loved me as a blonde and would protest everytime I said I wanted to try something new. I did it and felt so liberated, and have never gone back.
  7. My job is a passion that I made into a career, and I feel myself getting more and more burnt out on it each year. I want to find a way to make it fun again.
  8. I love concerts. That one needs repeating. I LOVE CONCERTS.
  9. I am dying to remodel my kitchen.
  10. New York City is my favorite place in the entire world. I visited there three times last year. If I did not have children I would be living there, somehow.
  11. On another NYC note, I ADORE BROADWAY PLAYS. If I could snap my fingers and be someone else for a day, it would be the lead in a Broadway musical.
  12. I think I might be good at basketball but have never played on a team.
  13. I'm terrified of flying. Actually, not all the flying, just the liftoff, and any turbulence.
  14. I am clueless about fashion.
  15. I love food. Again, another sore subject. My husband and I are foodies and were constantly trying new restaurants together.
  16. I hoard money. I could probably be living in a much nicer house, driving a much nicer car.
  17. I used to run. I absolutely LOVE running. But I have achilles tendonitis in one ankle and I can't run anymore.
  18. I love movies. I don't get to see many in the theater because of the kids, so I rent them like crazy on weekends. After we split I started using my weekday night off to go and see movies by myself and it is my greatest indulgence.
  19. I love pedicures. And manicures. And massages. But I rarely ever treat myself to them. I feel guilty. Guilty for spending the money, guilty for pampering myself.
  20. There was a time when I was younger that I could look anyone in the face and smile at them. I remember the day that I realized it. I smiled without thinking at someone at school who was notorious for being a bitch. She smiled right back at me and I had kind of a breakthrough moment...I had self esteem!!! How many young girls can say that? But over the years, that has completely disappeared. I can't look strangers in the eyes much less smile at them. What has happened to that girl???? I should be proud of myself for all that I have accomplished and who I am. I don't know where my confidence has gone.
  21. My twenties were tumultuous and extraordinary. I got married at 21. I lost my first baby just months later. I gave birth to two of my children. I donated bone marrow to a 17 year old with leukemia. My parents divorced after 30 years of marriage. I came down with a mystery illness that left me in the hospital for a month. I quit a safe, comfortable position to start my own business and follow my dreams. I bought our house. And finally, ending just before my 30th birthday with the beginning of the end of my marriage, and weeks later my third child was born.
  22. I have never tried drugs, not even pot.
  23. I love to read novels but because of my job, never have time. On my 4 week break I have read 4 novels and 2 self help books. I used to run a book club but had to give it up.
  24. I love pajamas, all sorts. I love to be comfortable. I buy myself pj's sometimew when I'm having a bad day so I can have them to look forward to that night. I also buy myself comfy pillows for the same reason.
  25. I would love to completely redecorate my bedroom so it doesn't seem so much like the same bedroom I shared with my husband. I feel like I can't or shouldn't because my daughters both need new beds.
  26. One of my biggest hang ups is asking for help. I hate it so much that I will lie and say that I'm fine even though I'm feeling like death. This is a result of a marriage where asking for things meant weakness.
  27. If I won the lottery I'd adopt 2 more children.
  28. If I didn't have to work I'd love to volunteer with children somehow.
  29. I had three guy friends in high school that I loved so dearly and would give anything to find them. I have tried but for some reason none of them are on any of the social networking sites. I wouldn't have made it through high school without the three of them.
  30. I took piano lessons for years and enjoyed it. I have a deep love to this day for classical music.
  31. I love to rollerskate. I think it is the closest a human can get to feeling like we're flying.
  32. I used to ride horses in high school.
  33. Yoga makes me feel relaxed and content.

more being added as I figure it out...

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  1. I LOVE this list! We have a whole bunch in common...

    (Where do you live, btw? I always hope when I find a new blogger I relate to that we live close to one another. I'm in the DC metro area...)