Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Workouts and Mountains

I'm back to blog in the middle of the night; life is oh so crazy as usual and this seems to be the only time I can sit down without feeling guilty about not working or the whole raising kids thing, so here I am.

So many exciting things are happening right now. First of all, and I do realize that this will be boring and eye-rollish to the majority, but I have some new fitness goals I've been working on and it's been going really well. I've decided to take my workouts and my nutrition to the next level and really see what I can do with this body of mine. While I've eaten smartly for a few years now, I've never been on this healthy of a diet 100% of the time, and I have to say, I can't believe how amazing I feel. Some nights I really, really just want to eat some french fries and gravy, but for the most part I feel so energetic and "normalized" all the time, that it's hard to think of ruining it with bad food. My workouts have intensified and I'm doing actual push ups every single day and not dying. :) My goal is to recompose my body- lean muscle, lower my body fat percentage. In just a month I've noticed huge changes, and when the new year rolls around and everyone else is just getting started on their goals, I'm hoping to have completed my first. The end result which is more of a bonus and not really a goal is a lean, sculpted body for my wedding dress in September!

Secondly, Mr. Wonderful is so giddy about his first year playing Santa with the kids that we decided to make it extra special and surprise them with a trip to the mountains! We live in an area that sees virtually no snow, and we've spent more than a few Christmas mornings in short sleeves. My kids *dream* of snow and snowmen and sledding and all that good stuff, so we will wake them up one morning, tell them to get dressed for snow, and tell them on the way to the airport where we are going. I can't WAIT! I've never pulled off a surprise this big for them before. And on top of all that, this will be our first family vacation alone with no other families. We are really looking forward to the bonding time and think it will be a huge thing for all of us.

Things aren't all roses and daisies, I'm still having some issues that I'm working through in therapy about the wedding that I will save, because it definitely deserves it's own blog post. I don't want to kill my own buzz right now :)

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  1. So proud of you! You are going to look amazing in that dress!