Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Photo Essay-Single Mom project

Talked awhile back about doing this project with another single mom, and was having a night where I was up until 3am getting laundry, lunches, and work finished while the kids slept. Tonight I had a crazy night where one of my kids tripped, hit her head, and I had to take her to emergency care. Thank goodness friends were around, or I would have had to have taken all 3 kids with me...all 3 of which were FLIPPING OUT over the BLOOD. This after a long couple of days of handling a serious issue with my oldest, on my own, with no help from his Dad.

Amyways, it made me remember that I had started this project and I worked on a few images tonight. A snapshot of my house at 2am.

(my bed)

*ps-all photos are under copyright-please do not repost without permission*

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