Sunday, May 9, 2010

Single Mother's Day

I am incredibly grateful for all that I have. I have three children who love me and called and begged their Dad to take them Mother's Day shopping for me (he wouldn't, but my brother saved the day ever so graciously). Mr. Wonderful surprised me with the greatest card and handwritten letter that made me cry about what a great mother I am, even detailing what he loved about each relationship with each of my kids. (how did I manage to find the seemingly only guy out there who just *gets it*???) My youngest woke me at 4 am, snuggling up into bed with me because she was scared of a thunderstorm. My middle woke me again at 6 because she couldn't wait one more minute to give me her homemade card and flowers. My oldest coordinated with his uncle all morning to make sure all the kids had signed my card and that there was something inside for me.

I came here initially to bitch about how my day was nuts and how I was reminded all day that I am a single mom who never gets a break, even on Mother's Day, and how Mother's Day is just a cruel reminder that I'm doing it all alone. But I'm trying to have a different outlook. Yes today was hard and messy and I'm exhausted, just like every Sunday that they are home (or even not). But that's single motherhood, and I'm surviving. Thriving even, most of the time. And my kids are all sweet and love me, and I must be doing something right. This is definitely not easy, not even close. But it's worth doing and in those amazing moments when my baby is holding onto me for comfort or my daughter is making me beautiful art or my son is worried about not having anything to give me, it makes it all worth it.

To all the single mommies out there who worked today from sun up to sundown, who didn't get cards or breakfast in bed or acknowledgment whatsoever, I hope you know how much you mean to your children even if they don't understand that yet, how they would not make it without you, that you are doing the hardest job there is and you're kicking ass at it. Pat yourself on the back for the tough decisions and choices you've made and will make in the best interest of those little faces, for the long hours you put in; and do something for yourself, even if it's just small.

I bought myself a little chocolate bar at the grocery store, sat in my car in silence, and enjoyed every second of it.

Happy Mother's Day Mommies!


  1. Happy Mothers Day to you too! You are a great mommy!

  2. okay crying here. that was beautiful and so true. i love your positive take on it. its so easy to get stuck in the negative aspects and totally forget all of the good things. you are one of the best mothers i have ever known. your children think you hung the stars and the moon even if they don't act like it. because of you their world is a safe and secure place and they know what it means to be loved. you are a ROCKSTAR! love you!!

  3. girl when i am feeling down and blue i can come to your blog and u peep me up.i had a good mothers day but tonight after the kids went to bed it all set in. Ive cried cried and cried some more. why do i feel like this. my heart aches.

    happy mothers day to u too girl

  4. Oh, wow, do we need to get together for a drink!


  5. Thank you for picking me up at a moment that I felt so down. Moments that only another single mom would understand.