Monday, May 3, 2010

My Feng Shui is stuck

As one single person running an entire household, especially one house with 4 people and a dog living in it, organization is not only important, it's vital.

Things run in a certain flow, all the time. Big things, little things.

For example, last Sunday I went to Six Flags with my kids instead of buying groceries. Sunday night I had Mr. Wonderful stay with them after they went to bed so I could get groceries. I got home late and without everything I needed, which sent me to the store extra times every day last week. Which meant I lost time doing things like laundry, cleaning, and work. (because with three kids, you cannot just run in and out of a store).

Right now, my laundry is piled to the ceiling. You cannot see the floor in my laundry room. I am down to my last set of clothes. I haven't done laundry because the laundry baskets are full of clothes needing to be put in the kids drawers. I haven't put the laundry in the drawers because their drawers are overfilled of clothes that don't fit them. Their drawers are overfilled of clothes that don't fit them because I haven't gone through and stored their winter clothes or boxed the clothes that don't fit because there is no room in my garage. There is no room in my garage because there is a crib in there waiting to be sold, along with boxes of trash that need to be cleaned out. I haven't sold the crib or cleaned out the boxes because there JUST ISN'T ENOUGH TIME IN. THE. DAY.

One of these days I will use my weekend without kids to get these things done. A weekend when I don't have to cram all the work I didn't get done during the week with them here into, or am not so exhausted from the week that all I want to do is sleep.

Sleep...omg that sounds so heavenly right now.


  1. Wow - we have the same life. Just no Mr. Wonderful at the moment.

  2. This is so very "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" that it makes me laugh.

    Jumping head-first into this life. Love that I have you to help me do it without stars in my eyes.

    I'm ready.

    (I think)



  3. This ia anonymous....I hate being a stalker type. Anyhow...

    Inhale deeply. It's just laundry.

    I understand your frustration. I have been there and still periodically land there.

    You can't control everything and you can't lose everything when it doesn't happen.

    One of my mantras....."Build a bridge and get over it". Tell the kids it's dress from the couch week! Whee...what fun. Have fun and then let them realize the chaos and HELP you put it all back together again.


    Be real and help them embrace this.

    I am a divorced Mom of 3. Oldest 16 lives with her Dad......he is the FUN parent! SOn 12 and Dtr 9 live with me and my husband. We run the more functional and child oriented household=not fun/homework/chores/manners/etc.

    Give yourself the permission to have fun and still be functional.

    I so totally know where you are!!!!

  4. thinking about you today... to the above anonymous poster how old was your oldest when you let her move to her dads.. i am dreading the day im so lost here.. i finally updated my blog though

  5. Ok, off subject. A couple of blogs??? I want to be privey!
    This post made me laugh. You gotta have fun and sometimes that means that "work" stuff suffers. Enjoy life! And email me sites! :)