Thursday, April 29, 2010


Soooo the overwhelming mountain did indeed turn out to be just a molehill. At least for the time being.

So proud of my Mr. Wonderful. So, so very proud.

It's so nice to have one more obstacle out of our way. It really does feel like we've hit smooth sailing now.

We had our second counseling session yesterday. We talked a lot about how we handle arguments and disagreements. I realized when we were talking to her how much we have been able to change on our own. We both recalled the earliest stages of our relationship in which we'd have these long crazy disagreements that lasted overnight sometimes. So stubborn the two of us. But how over time we have listened to each other and changed what needed to be changed to the point that we can have a discussion and it not ever escalate. I love Mr. Wonderful so much for being mature enough to do that for me, and for us. We have evolved our relationship into what it is now and I am so proud of that.

This week we have "homework". It is a 7 page list of questions for us to fill out. Not easy ones either. "Describe several situations in which you, intentionally or unintentionally were hurtful to your future partner in the last month". And that's just on page one!!

It feels like it's going to be a tough thing to fill out but knowing that he and I are doing the work now makes it all worth it. We are growing into our relationship and it just feels so right, the way I always thought love was supposed to be.

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  1. I am so excited and happy for you. If I ever date again, I hope that I meet someone that makes me fel the way you sound when you talk about him. You deserve it!