Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just Fine.

I want to write about something stupid I did, but I'm almost too embarrassed to admit it.

But maybe it will help someone.

My friends don't even know this (they do now), but yesterday, I was reading another single mom website, and was reading a section about single mom dating and how we never have time to meet guys, so online dating was suggested.

I have been curious about dating, especially here lately with everything being so serious. It just seems like a fun distraction.

Good God have I ever been more wrong.

Literally yesterday, I signed up on one of the online dating websites, a free one...and after 24 hours of it, I deleted my account.

Ick ick ick ick ick

Talk about never having my faith restored in men.

In those few hours, I was emailed probably 50 times. The guys who emailed me were either stupid, angry, boring, too old for me, or absolute freaks of nature.

There was one guy I thought seemed funny, so I exchanged messages with him for a little bit tonight. He wanted to see my facebook page, and when I insisted that he promise me he wasn't psycho before letting him see pics of my kids, he flipped out. He was annoyed that I was so paranoid and went on this rant about how no mother he has ever met was still paranoid in this day and age about pictures on the web, and it's so 10 years ago. Ummmmm, DELETE AND HOLY HELL NEVER LOOK BACK

Universe telling me I am not ready for this. I get it.

I'm really fine being alone, and think this just cemented it for me. I think talking to an old friend who has been divorced for years and only dated once scared me into thinking I had nothing to look forward to, but really....REALLY....if this is what's out there, then I am JUST FINE.


  1. sorry you had that experience...the guy sounds like a whacko! I'm a long time reader, first time commenter. So very sorry about your dad. I hope he is improving..

  2. Take your have a lot going day at a time...stay healthy, love and cherish your kids, they are gone before you know're lonely, but focus on them and will be better off in the long run.

    Cathy R

  3. Okay I am the first to admit, THERE ARE A LOT OF FREAKS out there! And I am so glad you deleted the last guy. What mom that we know isn't paranoid about psychos out there?

    The right guy will come into your life when you are least expecting him. It may be tomorrow or 5 years from now but just know that he will show up when you are ready for it. You might get a few frogs in the process of finding him but hopefully they will leave you with good stories to tell us later!

    Dancing soon?