Friday, February 27, 2009


Today I had lunch with my Dad. I haven't been one-on-one with him in awhile. It is really, really tough to see him going through this. I know he is trying to be in good spirits, but the worry is written all over his face. He seems depressed, which if you know my Dad, is rare...he's the most easy-going person I have ever known. I hate the waiting and can't wait to have him out of surgery and recovering. He is just too young to be going through this.

Let me just preface my next paragraph by saying I have raging PMS right now, which for me either means I'm downright bitchy to an emotional wreck.

Earlier this week the guy that I met on VDay had texted me. Before when we had first met them, he and his friends had talked about being in a band...which I thought was the coolest thing ever. LOVE musicians. After he texted I mentioned coming to see them play sometime, and he said that we should come and see them this Saturday. I asked for details and he never texted back, then I called yesterday and left a message and never heard back.

Our theory? They lied about being in the band like a bunch of stupid boys would do and now don't know what to do.


So, Boy #1 (formerly known as Hottie) has been written off completely.

It was gloomy outside today, I have PMS, so take this with a grain of really got me down. My first run out of the gate and this is what happened. I am telling myself that it's for the best because I only have room in my life for authentic, honest people, guys and girls...and I believe it, but it will be easier to swallow when the hormones stop raging.

It doesn't help that I had dinner with a single friend Wednesday night who went on and on about how tough it is out there, and that all single men are freaks. The night before that, a Sex and the City episode where Carrie was prompted to ask the question "Are all single men freaks?" Ugh, who needs it.

I'm forgetting about it and tomorrow night instead of seeing his Pretend Band play, I will find something else awesome to do.

I just wanted to be sure and write about the experience so the next time I'm tempted to give out my number, I won't :)

PS--Trying to get a feel for who is reading...can you take a sec and answer the poll above? (click here if you're on a blog reader to come to the page)


  1. I did the poll (of course you know my answer) which is a super fun idea - I might borrow it! As for the single guys questions - I personally know 2 single guys who are not freaks or assholes in their yes, Virginia, there really ARE non-freaky single guys. :) I understand the letdown, especially since it was so fun to re-enter the flirting single zone...but keep the faith sister. You are an AMAZING woman with a lot to offer, and there are men out there (though they may be few and far between) who will see that!

  2. Boys are smelly... (giggle)...just kidding. Simply put honey, there are some good ones and some bad ones. Just like with everything else, it takes time to weed out the bad ones but when you get to the bottom of the pile, providing you are patient and keep your heart open, you will find the hidden gems... ;)